An Intro to Language Learning in Under 10 Minutes

There are a lot of things you can do within 5 minutes of your time. One of them is language learning. Maybe you want to relocate to another country where the people speak different languages. It could be a good idea to learn a new language. Actually, according to experts, learning any language 10 minutes a week is by far better than taking a two-hour session a week. A 10-minute session is known as microlearning where you can use any medium to improve your skills. The good thing about microlearning is that you spend only ten minutes learning a new skill or word. The results of microlearning are faster than long session results. The good thing about learning in portions leaves a long-lasting effect. Here are ways you can learn a language in less than 10 minutes a day.

Download Vocabulary App

There are several vocabulary apps available today. If you want to get the best out of your microlearning, download the app. Most of these apps come in different languages, making it easy for you to choose your preferred language. The apps have instructions and a guide to learning language. Within 10 minutes, there is a lot you can learn with the app. They focus on direct translations, and this makes learning simple and quick. Once you download the app, you get access to new words daily alongside their pronunciations and translation.

Watch Videos in the Foreign Language

Watching videos makes it easy to learn language. They also give you first-hand details about a language. So, you can look for a short video explaining language or a short clip with subtitles. You have watched and listened to music, watched movies, TV, and videos from channels like YouTube. You can also do this when learning a new language. The videos help in training your ears about various tones and distinctions of the target language.

Learn Through Music

Another sure way of learning a language in 10 minutes is using lyrics from music. You can download music from a language app or site. Reading the lyrics expands your vocabulary while having a good time. Use the vocabulary apps to listen to the music in different modes.

Talk About the Culture for You to Understand it More

If you want to make your language learning easy, consider getting conversational always using your target language. Various vocabulary apps help you to learn the language while educating you about the culture. As long as you understand the culture of certain people, it is very easy to learn their language. Get the app and talk a lot about the culture. You can also talk about music and technology from the target language.


You don’t have to take weeks of language learning classes for you to be a successful learner. The above are simple things you can do to learn a language in less than 10 minutes. The great thing is that you can continue learning the language even with a busy work schedule. There are many tools for language learning. Explore them and pick the options that suit you best.

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