10 Research Sample in the Agricultural Sector

The Agricultural Research Development Agency, a Public Organization, often known as ARDA, is a government-run organization that reports to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. The institution’s goal is to encourage, assist, and enhance agricultural research findings. The ARDA funds competent agriculture findings every year. The ARDA’s funding will support high-quality experimental research samples in the field of sustainable farming. All these followings are the ARDA’s objective of strengthening the healthy agricultural industry.

Research Samples to Understand Soil Fertility

Lowering the use of harsh substances in agriculture can facilitate sustainable organic agriculture. When chemical compounds are used in agriculture, this will harm soil characteristics over time, as the soil’s long-term exposure to chemicals and subsequent build-up. As a consequence, various soil-fertility-enhancing substances lost their properties. The absence of quality crop yields on the earth made it nearly impossible to nurture a range of crops because the farmland became alkaline or had high salinity over time.

Research Samples to Boost Confidence of the Farmers

The research samples play a vital role in appreciating farmers to look for the best output strategies. The ARDA is working to produce enough resources for the researchers and farmers in Thailand to get the best productivity out of the minimal resources. The research samples are distributed among all to get information about the situational farming of a particular variety of seeds and farming methodology.

What Should We Need Research Samples

The previous ARDA-funded research samples meet every one of the following criteria:

  • The outcomes of scientific development in the field of Agricultural research ought to be beneficial;
  • it should have perfect accuracy;
  • Be able to determine statistically and subjectively; and
  • Have a clear goal The money, time, labour power, and energy spent on agriculture study should be worthwhile.

The scientific theoretical model is also quite essential. Agricultural research samples have to be usable in the interest of helping Thailand’s agricultural sector. Farm owners, the society, and the Thailand market all benefit as a result of this.


The research samples are to be utilized to determine the actual quality of land and sustainability of a particular type of harvest in a specific region of Thailand. Join the ARDA’s initiative and boost the country’s prosperity and develop yourself as the leading farm producer with the aid and assistance provided by the ARDA’s scientists, or use the research work to know the soil specifications at your locality.

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