What are the best job opportunities in banking & finance?

If you want to work in the banking and finance sector, this choice will bring advancement to your career. Many opportunities are there for the people working in the banking sector. With experience, you gain promotion as you learn and skills improve. Work at any bank of your choice that gives you the freedom to express your ideas and adds value to your growth. Also, if you have done banking and finance courses, it is easier to work at a bank in a specialized department. Now, let’s explore some roles that you can choose to work in a bank.

Financial Analyst

Start your banking career as a financial analyst. Your role will be to help the banking organization in making investment decisions. Collect as much information and data as possible, analyze past results, predict and make recommendations. They plan up for future investments by interacting with leaders and individuals within the company. For this, you have to pursue a bachelor’s with accounting and finance course.

Relationship Manager

These professionals create relationships with the customers. Their role involves the identification of prospective clients, develop proposals listing what benefits the bank will get, and so on. It’s important to have all the knowledge of your bank products and services. This makes it easier for you to pass the same information to other clients. For this role too, you need a bachelor’s degree. They manage customer issues related to investment, loans, and much more.


Managing the financial account of a bank is a tedious and difficult task. This role is provided to the financial accountant of the bank. They ensure proper structuring and error-free data entry in bookkeeping Financial accountants have to examine all the investments and expenses along with the income they are making. Bachelor’s degree is enough but you also have to prepare for the Certified Public Accountant exam for work in a public accounting firm.

Branch Manager

Branch Managers keep an eye on banking operations like the hiring of staff. They also ensure that staff is getting trained properly. They are also responsible for managing the budget of the branch and establishing goals. You will have to be good at dealing with customers, communication, and organizational skills. It’s a perfect role for you if have graduated from a banking and finance course. Also, you must have given series 6 or 7 exams, which are organized by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Loan Officer

Loan officers assist individuals and businesses in getting loans. It identifies the people who need loans or wants to apply for them. They evaluate the application by studying their creditworthiness and recommend the best possible loan depending on the need. A bank only hires individuals that have a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance courses or economics. This career choice is profitable for you if you love working and handling people.


Bank Tellers directly interact with customers. They serve the banking industry as the first person to whom a customer talks to. They go through checks, take deposits, and allow withdrawal of the amount. Along with that, they make sure no fraudulent transaction is happening within the bank. For someone entering the banking industry, high school or diploma will work but for going on higher positions, an associate or bachelor’s degree is required.

Wrapping it Up

While working in the banking industry, it’s crucial to upgrade your skills. You can take a finance certification course, which are being offered online on the NIIT platform. That will open door to more opportunities in banking field. For more such information on your career, stay in touch with us.

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