Importance of Safeguarding the Environment

Human beings are a vital part of the ecosystem that makes up a large portion of the bubble called life on planet Earth. This makes human beings mostly responsible for every little thing that improves or affects the environment. There have been multiple efforts to make human beings understand the importance of keeping the environment around them safe and clean.

As kids, all of us have been taught in school about the ecosystem, the biodiversity, and the nature of the organisms that are a part of it. Subjects like Science and Geography are included in the curriculum to teach students about the Earth and its environment, the reasons behind the various environmental hazards, the need to take actions and tend to the problems.

Emphasising on the role of individuals in making the environment sustainable would help make some change in their attitude towards the environment. It is with this goal in mind that the United Nations took the initiative to bring member countries together to discuss environmental problems, recommend measures for improvement and take actions to save the environment from complete destruction. World Environment Day is one such occasion where people come together to create awareness by organising campaigns, holding placards with environment day slogans and the need to protect nature. There is proof that such small campaigns get the attention of everyone from kids to elders and higher authorities and lead to a bigger change that would help the planet as well as everything that is a part of the planet. Some of those movements are the Chipko Movement, the Save Silent Valley Movement, Appiko Movement, and many others around the world. It is always one person or a group of people who take the lead for such movements, and very soon, there will be groups of people joining hands with them to support the cause.

Kindling the thoughts of the society is what is required to start seeing the change. Letting people know that they are dependent on the environment for their survival, just like the environment is dependent on them to stay clean and green, is the first step in the journey for a safe and secure environment. Life on the Earth depends on some fundamental factors, especially for human beings. Food, water, and air are among the most important elements for life to be possible. Water is a key element that supports the survival of all living organisms on the planet. Keeping all the water bodies clean and usable is an act of social responsibility. One of the ways to create some awareness among people of the importance of putting an end to the pollution of water bodies is by writing and publicising slogans on save water. When people get to read or hear these slogans, they will be automatically alerted of the situation and the impending dangers they will have to face if they do not act on it immediately.

Getting people to break out of their shells and show some support is a task in itself. Not many would be willing to come forward owing to various reasons. For some, it might be pressure from family and friends, and for others, it might be lack of self-confidence or even lethargy. Reaching the word out is even more easier now than in the olden days because of social media. Try to use media for the good, get the word out, and help save our environment.

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