American Continental Academy

American Continental Academy offers two diploma programs for that prospective student. The very first is a 16 credit program, completed entirely online. This really is open to students 18 many older. The second reason is a 24 credit homeschool program. This can be a paper and pencil program taken with the mail. This really is open to students 16 many older.

Online diploma program: With this particular program, created for adult students, all coursework, assignments and exams are carried out online. This enables a student to attain a higher school diploma within the fastest best approach possible. A certified senior high school diploma at affordable rates could be earned in less a week (based on their initial understanding and motivation) through our advanced online system that enables you to definitely take all of your courses online at the own pace.

Past students who’ve used the program are adults searching to take to school, and individuals searching for jobs that need a higher school diploma, by which situation time is important. This program can be obtained nationwide and you may sign up for a SACS, CASI, and CITA accredited program in a couple of minutes as well as for a preliminary payment of $40.

Homeschool diploma program. The program is made for students ages 16 or more or worldwide students searching to attain a certified senior high school diploma which might aid them to get accepted to U.S. college or college. Whenever you enroll in your home school program you’ll either have a brief test or submit a transcript. This allows us to find out which courses you demonstrate competence in. Therefore it may get credit of these courses and move ahead straight to those you have to focus on, therefore accelerating your diploma process. Once this really is completed you will subsequently be in a position to start your senior high school courses and begin your way to acquiring a united states senior high school diploma. The house school program could be completed within 3 several weeks.

Past students who’ve used the program are students who’s parents have made the decision the neighborhood public school isn’t the safest atmosphere for his or her child to have their senior high school diploma in and would like the youngster obtain a quality education in your own home with an accredited homeschool program. Additionally we’ve had past students who’ve enrolled in your home school program instead of dealing with a GED program that is not often because of the same significance being an actual senior high school diploma. Finally, the biggest growing a part of our student is our worldwide students. Students from Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Nigeria and much more are asking daily.

Contact our academy right now to start your senior high school classes. Our faculty is here now for everyone you and also is devoted to creating sure we provide a higher standard quality education. For $40 to start you can begin your senior high school classes online or through the house school program. You’ll be given your personal person guidance counselor who can help you regularly with any queries you’ve. We have a complete customer support center that is made to help additionally for this.

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