A Guide to Sourcing a Good Kindergarten for your Child

If your son or daughter is fast reaching the age when kindergarten looms, you have some research to do if you want to find the right day care centre, and rather than seeing a kindergarten program as a place to leave your child for a few hours every day, you should view it as your child’s first step in the process of exploring the world.

  1. Established Institution – Your child’s early education is far too important to take a chance with a new kindergarten program, so look for one that has been running for a few years, like the local nurseries in Hull, and has a good name in the local community.
  2. Caring Adults – It is essential that the carers love kids and the staff would ideally be a mix of experienced teachers with a few young teachers who are gaining valuable hands-on experience. When you visit any early learning program, note the interaction between the kids and the carers, which should be positive in every respect.

  1. Secure Facility – There should be a strict controlled access system, plus every room should be CCTV monitored, as should the grounds.

  1. Soft Play Rooms – Both inside and out, there should be soft areas where the kids can safely play, plus lots of learning resources that are freely available during activity times.

  1. Encouraging Parental Participation – Any good kindergarten school would welcome the parents’ participation; indeed, some would ask the parents if they are able to teach the children something, or at least be part of certain activities.

    It is worthwhile taking time when searching for a kindergarten program for your child, which should help you to make the right decision.



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